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CReative Minds. Canada

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CReative Minds. Canada participated at the premier Health IT  HIMSS-17 Conference on February 19-24 in Orlando, Florida


CReative Minds. Canada is initiating discussions with OCC Eye Care to include Diabetes/Ophthalmic care & monitoring  

CReative Minds. Canada will be showcasing its MeCare Service in main Exhibit Hall Booth B9 at the premier Health Insurance Commissioners NAIC Conference on May 22-26 in Kansas City, MO


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Health Insurance

MeCare's Telemonitoring & Management platform 

  • Is tightly integrated, secure & controlled

  • Enables real-time seamless flow of information sharing between all stake holders

Pilot Request

We are accepting inquiries from

Payers to incorporate MeCare's Diabetes Tele-monitoring & Management Service into their Health Plans 

We have 2 open slots in Q3-Q4 / 2017 for conducting Diabetes Monitoring Pilots in collaboration with leading Providers & Payers in the USA



The MeCare service provides:

  • A comprehensive view of the patient’s medical profile 

  • Allows relevant stakeholders to access their authorized views with actionable data


The MeCare Service enables:

  • Collaboration between key stakeholders in the Heath Care Eco-system

  • Share timely information focused on the individual patient’s well-being.