CReative Minds. Canada showcased its unique "MeCare Service"  at the premier Health Insurance Commissioners NAIC Conference on May 22-26 in Kansas City, MO

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Embrace a Paradigm shift 

Change your Commercial Negotiation to include new Plan criteria


MeCare Service creates a Competitive Advantage

MeCare Service helps to differentiate your Health Plans

​Manage costs by reducing ER visits through increased compliance

Tel:       +1-905-228-0769

Fax:      +1-905-228-0779

Health Insurance


Diabetic Patient

Would you like to have :

  • Increased medical professional oversight

  • Your condition monitored more frequently

  • Increased Communication with your care provider

  • ​Frequent alerts & reminders via IM or Social Media

We have 2 open slots in Q4 / 2018 for conducting Diabetes Monitoring Pilots in collaboration with leading Providers & Payers in the USA

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. EST

Saturday: Closed;    Sunday:    Closed

CReative Minds. Canada is initiating discussions with OCC Eye Care to include Diabetes/Ophthalmic care & monitoring  


Do you wish to :

  • Achieve "Pay for Performance"​

  • Practice preventive care

  • Increase awareness of patient's current condition
  • Increase your Revenues based on monitoring patients
  • Present evidence-based audit trail to validate decision making

Pilot Request


Do you wish to :
  • Improve ROI on Plan subsidy
  • Help your employees make informed wellness decisions
  • Drive down absenteeism & compensation costs
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Have closer collaboration with the Payer

We are accepting inquiries from

Payers to incorporate MeCare Service for Diabetes Remote Patient Monitoring & Management into their Health Plans 

  • Call Us: +1-905-228-0769


CReative Minds. Canada





"MeCare Service" was selected as one of 15 solutions to participate in the Global   Insurance Accelerator (GIA)'s INSURTECH week in Des Moines, Iowa. USA.

October 23 to 27, 2017 


We were invited to showcase our "MeCare Service" and present to a select

Insurance Industry audience at the Iowa Science Center Auditorium

CReative Minds. Canada participated at the premier Health IT  HIMSS-17 Conference on February 19-24 in Orlando, Florida