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Professional Care

MeCare's Remote Patient Monitoring capability ensures the delivery of  actionable, relevant & meaningful information to the right medical professionals at the right time.


Constant Monitoring 

You have the peace of mind that qualified health care professionals are continuously monitoring your well-being and progress

You are not Alone

If you wish, your near & dear ones can share & collaborate in your well being. With MeCare, families can also monitor the progress of their loved ones and assist in the recovery process, in real-time from anywhere   


With MeCare, you are free to take your Blood Glucose readings from anywhere and transfer Blood Glucose readings securely via a smart phone to the web-based MeCare platform. We enable you to maintain your lifestyle


The system is independent of the type of BG Meters and is not tied to a specific custom device. Feel free to choose and use from a variety of the most popular BG Meters on the market 


Regular, real time alerts & feedback from the MeCare system encourages and promotes compliance with the Physician's professional advice. This leads to improvement in your quality of Life.