Employee Productivity

Employers prefer their employees to be healthier & more productive with lower absenteeism rates. MeCare enables a proactive & preventive wellness approach to improve employees health outcomes. It helps employees to make better informed health decisions to achieve a better lifestyle.

​Cost Management

The MeCare Service complements employer's Health & Wellness initiatives through increased employee engagement. Drive down overall healthcare & workers compensation costs. It enables HRM's to support high performers by granting incentives or vice versa.

Decision Support 

MeCare provides dynamic graphic decision support to HRM for Diabetes Health Care Plans as subsidized by the business. Employers can now make data driven, cost-saving decisions based on employee's compliance & adherence driven trends analysis.

Improve Plan Performance

MeCare will easily identify Plan participation & performance at employee level & across departments. MeCare helps pinpoint trends analysis  to support development of effective promotion strategies. 

Strategic Review

At the touch of a button, MeCare displays a twelve month or year-over-year Plan performance trends. Drill down of Plan Performance to the employee, department or regional level will help refine the strategic focus prior to open-enrollment periods or for the year ahead. 

Improved ROI

MeCare Service will help to deliver a higher ROI on Plan subsidy (Investment) through increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

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