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  • .Offer unique commercial T&C's to your clients (employers)

  • Create a unique Plan differentiator & achieve a Paradigm shift
  • Achieve a competitive advantage through Compliance Analytics
  • Offer your NW Providers with an effective tool to practice Preventive Care to drive cost containment

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Cost Management

Health Insurance Payers are often lacking tangible evidence for constantly rising medical costs making it near impossible to develop efficient cost-reducing models. MeCare believes in a proactive, preventive and pre-emptive approach to Health Care - to reduce costs! - to contain costs spiraling out of control ! - prevention is more cost-effective than the cure.

ER visits are greatly reduced and contribute significantly to cost reductions.



MeCare helps drive a "paradigm shift" to closely monitor & track the Patients Compliance/Adherence. MeCare provides the Payer with a dynamic summary status of all Diabetes Health Care Plans for Patient’s compliance with the Physician’s Prescribed BG Readings frequency and hence is able to assess the plan’s viability and profitability.

Identify Good Performers

MeCare helps to identify effective Provider Practices that demonstrate improved patient trends  in support of "pay for performance' initiatives. Evidence based data will drive joint efforts to improve compliance that drives better health & wellness outcomes and impacts overall costs 

Plan's Performance by Client

The MeCare System enables the Plan Admin to maintain a Client score-card & drill down and identify the performance of each Plan by Client

Graphical View

The system displays a graphical view of the past 12 months of Plan’s Compliance Performance at any selected Client. The Plan Admin can proactively identify emerging trends and envisage corrective actions with the Client.

Strategic View

The historical data will allow the Payer to develop policies to encourage good performance by offering rebates (much like Car Insurance) or to apply increased premiums for those Clients with low Patient Compliance Performance

No CAPEX for License or Infrastructure

The MeCare Service does not require allocation of CAPEX by a Payer to acquire or deploy any new or additional IT infrastructure nor pay any upfront License Fees. The MeCare platform is cloud-based and accessible as a web service.