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Well informed

MeCare System enables the Physician to view his Diabetes Practice summary status every morning. MeCare's graphical "decision support" tool helps improve over all practice outcomes

Preventive approach

MeCare supports the Physician to proactively identify patients who may  require  immediate attention; preventing the onset of a possible serious episode – the patient’s historical medical data is at his finger tips for assessment

Improved Control

The system enables the Physician to better manage his appointments by proactively identifying patients that require immediate medical interventions of moderate to high complexity (CPT 99214-15) attracting higher fees 

Revenue Opportunity

By focusing on the continuous real-time remote patient monitoring (RPM) data, the Physician can attend to emerging situations of patients and proactively avoid serious complications – this is net new revenue potential (CPT code 99091 & 99490) that you may wish to capture

Pay for Performance

The MeCare System provides the Physician with an evidence based audit trail of valuable real-time patient data to validate his decision making & intervention for every situation – deliver a better patient outcome. No scribbling of procedures on paper for nurse to assign CPT codes