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Most large Providers have an established Diabetes Practice in the Endocrinology Department.

Remote Patient Monitoring Enabled

The MeCare Platform helps to Integrate remote patient monitoring within the Providers overall diabetes patient engagement strategy.

Preventive approach

The MeCare Service monitors the Patient's adherence to Care Plans and helps Providers to observe the Blood Glucose trends and proactively identify & assess emerging situations.  Timely actions help prevent the onset of a serious episode

Patient Insights

The MeCare system enable the Providers to conduct a Remote Digital Engagement and achieve deep patient insights.

Evidence Based Care

The MeCare Service helps the Providers to transition to a value-based health care environment - the timely patient data acquired through Remote Patient Monitoring delivers evidence for Providers intervention and care.

Pay for Performance

The Providers have an ongoing audit trail of valuable real-time patient data to qualify Providers intervention - timely actions deliver a better patient outcome.

Operational Efficiency

MeCare helps enterprise level Provider organizations to adopt comparative practice-level analysis to identify top performers and refine compensation policies